Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hampstead: Hard Wood Slatted Garden Fencing

This was a three week project i recently installed. With the exception of the bin store and gates that i produced on site all the other panels were created in my workshop before being delivered and installed over a three day period. this had two main advantages, firstly i was far more efficient and therefore faster in my workshop and secondly i was not inter-fearing with the other landscapers or the client by being on site the whole time. I particularly enjoyed steam bending the Iroko to match the curved wall, and was very satisfied with the reaction of the designer and client who were both very happy with the result.

JDH Joinery and Timberscape: Hampstead: Hard Wood Slatted Garden Fencing

The Brief: 
Slatted Iroko panels framed and built to specific sizes. 

My Delivery:
I steam bent the frame for the arched wall and mounted the panel as a whole on to Iroko posts bolted to the wall, All panels were either wall mounted or postcreted into the ground, the slats and spacings were to a specific design, to either allow light through or to screen behind.   


  1. Loving all the changes in the yard. It is looking so fabulous.

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  2. Where can I purchase these types of hardwood panels

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      I custom build all trellis panels to your specific requirements
      you can contact me at